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If you are interested in joining the rope flow movement, the RF1 rope is the one to buy.  It is rope made with a super premium 1/2" polyester double braid that offers very high abrasion resistance while still providing excellent flexibility.  It is low stretch, and extremely durable, yet it remains soft over time giving it excellent Flow properties.

The ends are finished using industrial heat shrink and the grips are fabricated using a heaving knot to provide a comfortable grip.


The length of the rope will comfortably accommodate users whose height is between 5 ft and 6 ft tall (give or take a couple of inches).  If you are at the shorter end of the scale, the rope can be shortened by simply tying granny knots or figure eight knots near the grips (instructions and guidelines provided with each rope).


Here is a great video showing how to adjust the length of your rope - 


 Alternatively, if you wish, I can customize the length to suite your height.  Just send me an email with your height.  No charge!

Also, if you want to have the rope personalized with you name, nick name or favorite saying, just seed me an email and I will be happy to do it for you.  No charge!

Rope also available in BLACK, RED, and GREEN under the following part numbers;







• Very low elongation

• Superior strength, especially compared with its weight.

• High flexibility

• Maintains strength when wet due to its polyester construction.

• Very durable

• Long wearing



• Core: polyester

• Cover: polyester

• Braid: 24

• Distance between grips: 8 ft.

• Weight: 15.6 oz.

Shipping available in Canada, US and Internationally. Since the ropes are custom made and can take several days to be ready, it is wise to choose an economical shipping option.

Local pickup now available at Cansec Systems Ltd., 3105 Unity Drive, Unit 9, Mississauga, Ontario  L5L 4L2. Wait for email confirmation that you rope is read for pickup.

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