LF-100JR Little Flow Junior
LF-100JR Little Flow Junior

LF-100JR Little Flow Junior

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This rope was created specifically for kids to use to start their rope flow adventure.  It is the same high quality rope used for the LF-102 rope but is a slightly smaller diameter which makes it easier to handle.  Because the rope is a bit thinner than the LF-102JR, it means that the grips are also a bit smaller and more friendly for kid-sized hands.

LF-100JR ropes are a standard length suitable for kids 5' tall or less.  The distance between the grips is 6'4".  For kids shorter than 5', the rope can easily be shortened by tying a granny knot on one or both sides near the grip.  Each knot shortens the rope by about 5"

The option to personalize the LF-100JR rope with your name, initials, etc. is not available for the LF100JR rope but if it is REALLY important to you, let me know and I will do it just for you (but don't tell anyone..).  In this case, you will need to send an email to me at fred@ropeflow.ca with what you want on the rope.

Shipping available in Canada, US and Internationally. Since the ropes are custom made and can take several days to be ready, it is wise to choose an economical shipping option.

Local pickup now available at Cansec Systems Ltd., 3105 Unity Drive, Unit 9, Mississauga, Ontario  L5L 4L2. Wait for email confirmation that you rope is read for pickup.

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