Welcome to Ropeflow Canada Ltd.

My name is Fred Dawber and I am obsessed with making super premium ropes designed specifically for doing rope flow exercises. The LF-102 Little Flow rope is personalized with the user's name, nickname or favorite saying.  As a bonus, all ropes are guaranteed for life.

Our Story

I own a small software and electronics manufacturing company in Mississauga Ontario, Cansec Systems Ltd. (www.cansec.com). I have tried to keep up an exercise routine most of my life and succeeded most of the time.  There is a gym in the same complex where the office is - High Octane Training and Therapy.  I started going there at lunch a few years ago and got to know the owner, Andrew Stalteri.

I have always had a fascination with ropes, knots and Zodiac RIBS (Rigid Inflatable Boats). I got my obsession for ropes from my father Eric and my obsession for RIBS from watching Jacques Cousteau as a kid.  My dad had worked as a steeplejack as a young man and unless you were really good with ropes and knots your career would be short lived - literally.

I decided to make a skipping rope to use at the gym using the same high quality yacht lines I use on Little Red, my 16' Zodiac Pro 500.  I had forgotten it at the gym on one visit and did not notice it was missing for about a week.  On my next visit I retrieved it from the "skipping rope rack" where it was mixed in with a large variety of commercial skipping ropes.  After a few days Andrew came to see me and said that the trainers were looking for that "special" rope which they had started using for "functional movements" which was now GONE!.  Apparently they preferred it to all the other ropes at the gym.  Turns out any rope can be used for skipping but only ropes with special properties are suited to performing functional rope flow movements.

So this was the eureka moment and when the idea for RopeFlow Canada Ltd. was born.  This is where Andrew educated me on the whole concept of functional movements.  One definition of functional movements is "Is the ability to move the body with proper muscle and joint function for effortless, pain-free movement."  Turns out using ropes in low impact flowing motions allows a huge variety of exercises, the essence of rope flow.  Since I am obsessed with making ropeflow ropes and Andrew is obsessed with fitness, we make a great team.

Thank you for visiting - Fred Dawber