Most of our custmers are in Canada and the US but we do ship internationally. Canada Post offers great rates for surface shipping but it is not very ...speedy. That is not really a bad thing as each rope is cutom designed so they never ship immediately.

Since most ropes are made to order, it can take a few days before I have it ready. So please don't opt for super fast/expensive shipping. If it is for some special occasion and you want me to HURRY UP, let me know and I will do my best.

Each rope is personalized with the user's name (first name, nickname favorite saying or whatever you want). Since Ropeflow is not my primary business, it can sometimes take a few days before I can make your rope. If you need it in a hurry for some special occasion let me know and I will HURRY UP!


It is pretty simple. There is none. If you are not perfectly happy with your rope just let me know and I will refund your money (including shipping). You can keep the rope and all I ask is that you give it to someone who can use it and can't afford to buy one of their own.

Choosing a rope

That would be the RF1 Rope Flow rope. This is the one that the rope flow fanatics buy. It is super high quality (guaranteed for life) and perfect for beginners and experts.

Ropes used for rope flow exercises have two very important qualities. They must be very flexible so they ..flow. They must also be very abrasion resistant to handle the constant contact with the ground, which is not always nice and smooth. The LF102 rope has a very supple core but the outer shell is extremely resistant to abrasion.